STEM Week – Galileo’s Gallery

Maksims Parachute - R6

Maksims Parachute – R6





Keane's Spinning Toy - R9

Keane’s Spinning Toy – R9

Luka's Density Diver- R9

Luka’s Density Diver- R9

Keane's Wind Turbine - R9

Keane’s Wind Turbine – R9

Tom's Balloon Car- R12

Tom’s Balloon Car- R12

Ayyan G5  – Parachute

Emmanuel- Diver                   Emmanuel- Parachute                                 Matej - Diver                        Rayan- Wind Turbine

Emmanuel G5 – Diver     Emmanuel G5 – Parachute                          Matej G5 – Diver                    Rayan G5 – Wind Turbine

Here are just some of the amazing experiments that our boys have carried out already!


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