R11 win a Christmas Poetry Prize!!

Today, Mr. Clayton called to our class with great news! We entered a Louth County Council “Greener Christmas” poetry competition. Our poem received a €20 Easons gift voucher. Here it is,we hope you enjoy it!!

Here is our 6th class entry from R11, St. Joseph’s CBS, Sunday’s Gate, Drogheda
A Greener White Christmas

Christmas time is here,
It’s almost the end of the year,
I hope the ground will be white,
There should be no rubbish in sight.
Don’t be wasting your food,
Have a ‘Green Attitude’!!
Reduce, re-use, recycle your stuff,
In this world we have enough.
So let’s get out and set the scene,
You can be a lean, green, cleaning machine,
It’s a special time for giving,
So keep our environment living!
By R11, 6th class
St. Joseph’s CBS,
Sunday’s Gate
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