POETRY CORNER: Students’ Poems :-)



Quarantine Experience: HAIKU


Being bored in our houses

Overwhelmed by loneliness

When can I go out?

By: Muhammad Jarwar


Yellow sun shines bright

Not allowed too far outside

Roll on old routines.

By: Dylan Carroll R11


There’s a pandemic (5)

I have been stuck in my house (7)

It can be boring (5)

By: Philip Farrell




                                    SIMILE POEMS BY 6TH CLASS



Blue as my lips when out of the cold water.

Blue as my knee bruise.

Blue as the sunny summer sky.

Blue as the deep ocean.

Blue as the Earth from space.

Blue as my nice fancy pen.

By: Thibaut Njugna R11



Green looks like a scary alien.

Green tastes like fresh grapes.

Green feels like mushy slimy goo.

Green smells like wet grass.

Green sounds like a hopping frog.

By: Jamal  R9




Blue is like the sky.

Blue tastes like juicy blueberry.

Blue smells like fresh blue bells in the garden.

Blue feels the sadness in your eyes.

Blue sounds makes my heart joyful.

Blue is like a light as it could change into different colours.

By: Keane R9



Red feels like a warm summer’s joy.

Red is the colour of love and passion.

Red looks like a beautiful sunset.

Red sounds like romantic music.

Red tastes like spaghetti sauce.

By: Luka R9



Green as the grass that grows in a field.

Green as the rainforest in spring.

Green feels like a velvet coat on a leprechaun.

Green smells like a mint plant.

Green like a four leaf clover.

Green sounds like munching lettuce.

Green like a tasty lime.

By: Dylan Carroll R11



RED looks like an early morning sunrise

RED tastes like juicy apples

RED feels like bubbling rage

RED red smells like a fresh strawberry field

RED sounds like something crackling in a red fire

By: Adam McQuillan


Pandemic Poem: Limerick Poems


The month it took place was in May.

And to many it was their dismay.

There is no school.

Stay home and be cool.

But all the kids shouted, hooray!!!

By: Tom Sullivan McCormack


The Old Man

There once was an old man who sat on his chair.

With wrinkled hands and white coloured hair.

He would only smile.

Every once in a while.

When curious children would stop and stare.

By: Leon Thompson


My Last Year

My time at St. Joe’s was the best

To be there I was completely blessed

But in my last year

There wasn’t much cheer

But I’ll be back in St. Joe’s C.B.S.

By: Leon Lee


The Story of Paul

Once there was a child named Paul,

He was the most spoiled child of all,

His parents called him a brat,

His siblings called him a rat,

But little did Paul care at all.


His parents have to drag him out of bed,

He says instead of school I’d rather be dead,

He gets in the car,

While eating a giant chocolate bar,

And remembers he forgot his books and pen.


At school Paul has no friends,

He says friends are a nuisance and pest,

He gets his powerful slingshot,

Hits all the windows and pots,


“STOP THIS AT ONCE!” said the Poor Miss Kest.

His parents got a note that he broke a lot

They said “His evil doings must come to a stop”

They took his phone and tablet all away.

His PS4 pro and all his games.

Paul begged and said “I promise I’ll stop just don’t take my laptop away.”

By: Dilan R9


Most of the world is very sick,

I have a ball that I can’t kick.

I always love playing my game,

Every day feels the same.

I hope the medicine does the trick.

By: Tarik R9


There once was a boy named Matt.

He had a very fat cat.

The cat went away.

Very astray

And Matt didn’t know where she was at.

By: David K. R9




All The Days Blending

Together Into A Stew

But Not A Good Stew.

By: Jonathan R9


As the world goes by,

Either people are bored or sad nowadays,

You’re in a constant loop.

By: Scott R9


Alone together,

Change ways to finance our health,

We must create a cure.

By: Tarik R9


I miss school a lot.

I play a lot of games now.

We are stuck at home.

By: Luka R9


Junior and Senior Infants:

Colour Poems



Pretty long dress

Shinny lipstick.

Red flowery plants.

Curly short hair.

Cool fast car.

Cool red bottle.

By: Cian                        



Lots of paper

Beautiful colours

Big wall in my room.

White clouds are in clouds.

By: Chen Hao



Curley, big fast blue car.

Long, pointy, clicky cool blue pen.

Sharp, big dangerous, metal scissors.

Big, heavy, box.

Fluffy warm, cosy small blanket.

Cloudy, high gigantic airy super blue sky.

By: Deenash



Soft, comfy pjs.

Cool, fast trike.

Small, wet watergun.

Colourful, fantastic lego.

Big, round balloon.

Soft, fluffy slippers.

By: Calin



My superhero is red.

My superhero is Spiderman.

I like to fly like him if I can.

My favourite colour is red and I am its fan.

By: Angelo   


My Horse

I love being on my horse

He goes really fast

I tell him where I want to go

And we never get there last

By: Tommy


I Play

We play with our friends,

We play in the sun.

We play with our dog,

We play in the rain.

By: Tommy




____________________THE END_______________________________________








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