Nature Therapy Taster Half Day at Sonairte Co. Meath

Proposal for Nature Therapy Taster Half Day at Sonairte Co Meath 


Proposed Program Outline

The Nature Therapy Taster Half Day will be a mix of outdoor experiential sessions and indoor group work and reflection. The taster session will consist of a number of gentle nature-based activities to support participants mental health and wellbeing and encourage social connection and emotional expression The sessions will also aid relaxation and cognitive restoration and enhance their nature connection so they will integrate nature experiences into their daily lives to build resilience and enhance coping. 

The 5 pathways to nature connection, established by the University of Derby will underpin the program. These pathways include beauty, meaning, compassion, emotion and the senses. All the nature-based activities will include some of these elements and involve mindfulness activities, gentle sensory engagement, gentle stretching and breathing techniques, nature poetry, mindful movement and eco art. 

                                                                       Monday 27th June 2022


10am- 10.15am:  Arrival and Welcomes

10.15- 12pm: Nature Therapy Taster Session (Outdoors)

( This will include therapeutic activities based on the 5 pathways to nature connection: Beauty, Meaning, Compassion, Senses and Emotions. It will also include breathing techniques, mindful movement and mindful tasting in nature)

Break: 12pm- 12.15pm

12.15pm- 1 pm  Creating a Nature Based Wellbeing Plan (Indoors)

( This will involve developing an inventory of nature activities participants can engage in using their 5 senses. Participants will be able to identify aspects from the natural environment that help keep them well. They will also learn about the benefits of bringing nature into their homes for positive health and wellbeing)


1pm- 1.30pm  Nature Based Expressive Arts for Wellbeing (Outdoors)

( Eco art and  nature poetry will be explored)

Group reflection, signposting and closing gathering.


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