Music Week Day 4 – Challenge and Gallery

Day 4 – Listen and Respond

One of the most wonderful things about music is that for every piece of music there are hundreds of different reactions to it! Some people will love it, some will hate it and others won’t care either way! So for this challenge I want you to listen to the piece of music in the link below and draw your reaction!


  1. Listen to one (or all!) of these three pieces of music (try not to watch the video!!)

  1. Have colouring pencils, crayons, twistables etc. at the ready. When the music begins, start to draw and don’t stop until the music ends. Share your reaction drawings with your teacher and lets see how similar or different they are!




Renars G5


Matej G5


Emmanuel G5


Ayyan G5

Photo from robmulroy (42) Photo from robmulroy (41)

deenash sings

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