Maths- Chapter 21- Money & some Maths websites suggestions


I have broken down the chapter for each class, into a certain amount of questions to be completed each day. However, feel free to complete them at your own pace over the next 2 weeks.

3rd class:

Thursday 19th-Q1, 2 pg. 127 & Q3 pg.128

Friday 20th – Q4, 5, 6 pg. 128 Q7, 8 pg. 129

Monday 23rd Q1 pg 130

Tuesday 24th- Q1 pg 132 Q2 a-f pg 132

Wednesday 25th Q2 g-r pg 132

Thursday 26th- Word Problems

Q1-8 pg 133

Friday 27th Q9-15 pg 133



4th Class – Chapter 21- Money

Thursday 19th- Q1- 2 pg 145  Q3, 4, 5 pg 146

Friday 20th- Q6, 7 pg 146 Q1-5 pg. 147

Monday 23rd Q6 pg 147 Q1 pg. 148

Tuesday 24th Q2, 3 pg 148

Wednesday 25th Q4, 5 pg. 148

Thursday 26th Q1-4 pg 149

Friday 27th Q5-8 pg 149

Boys, please practice both your multiplication/division Tables using the Tables pack I gave you and sites like Hit The Button

Useful Maths links:


Hit the Button  (Math resources page)


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