Letter Writing Project 5th Class


5th Class Letter Writing Activity

Write a letter to your teacher about your week.

You can write to me about anything you want.

Write it, take a photo of it and email to me or type and send as an email.

Include all the parts of a letter: address, date, Dear .., Kind regards etc.

Here are some ideas:

  • What did you enjoy learning about this week?
  • What was easy/hard?
  • What is something good/bad that happened this week?
  • Tell me about your family
  • Tell me about your best friend
  • What is something you are really good at?
  • What is something you want to learn more about?
  • How has lockdown changed your local area?
  • What do you love about lockdown as a result of Covid 19?
  • What do you miss most as a result of lockdown?
  • Tell me a story.


Send your letter to Mr Keane or Ms Gregory by Thursday 28th May.


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