Information for parents about COVID-19 testing

Thankfully we have had no cases of COVID-19 at St. Joseph’s but it is important for parents and children to attend for a test if their GP refers them.  At the moment one in four people are not turning up for tests.

If your GP refers you or your child for a test, you will first need ti isolate while you wait for the test. The people in your household will need to restrict their movements. Therefore, if anyone in the house has been referred for a test, the children cannot come to school until the test results are known.

If you have symptoms:

1. Self-isolate

2. Phone your GP

3. GP will send electronic referral for test.

4. you will get a text with a date, time and location for the test.

5. If you do not drive, tell your GP and they will let the test centre know to organise transport.

6. The entire service is free. Referrals and tests are available seven days a week.

7. If test results are negative, you will get a text message saying  “not detected”. If the test result is positive, you will get a phone call and contact tracing will begin. Further HSE guidelines will follow.

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