Dear Parents,

Due to the increase in Covid 19 cases and the change in public health advice the Confirmation Ceremony cannot go ahead in its present format on Friday the 21st of August. Instead there will be 3 ceremonies for each of the 3 classes.

Confirmation 21st August 2020

3.00pm – R9 Mr Hughes


4.30pm –R11 Ms Maher


6.00pm R12 Mr Mulroy


Sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

Important Points to Note

  • All those attending ceremonies must be in their seats 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
  • All attendees with the exception of readers and singers will remain seated for the duration of the ceremony.
  • All adults attending the ceremony are required to wear masks.
  • No photography or video permitted during the ceremony.
  • No congregating outside the church is permitted before or after the ceremony.
  • Email class teacher if you have any further questions.

Is mise le meas,

Sarah Bradley





Confirmation letter

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