Frequently Asked Questions About H.S.C.L.

Who is the H.S.C.L. coordinator?
• My name is Vivienne and I am the new H.S.C.L. coordinator for St. Joseph’s C.B.S., Sunday’s Gate, Drogheda
• I work very closely with the H.S.C.L. coordinators in St. Patrick's and St. Brigid’s  (Niamh Reddan) and Presentation Primary School (Emer Collins)
• Prior to becoming the H.S.C.L. coordinator I have worked as a teacher in St. Joseph's for 20 years.

What is H.S.C.L. about?
• H.S.C.L. is about bringing parents closer to their children’s education
• Providing a link between home and school
• Offering parents opportunities to take part in a range of self development courses and activities
• Offering parents opportunities to take part in learning initiatives in the classroom where the opportunity arises

What does the H.S.C.L. coordinator do?
• A big part of my job is to visit parents in their homes. I try get to call on as many families as possible at least once during their time at the school to say “Hello” and introduce myself.
• Another large part of my job is to arrange courses, classes and events for parents. The classes are designed to fit a whole range of interests and needs of parents.
• It is also up to the H.S.C.L. coordinator to organise initiatives where parents get the opportunity to work with the teacher and children in the classroom. This is a hugely beneficial and enjoyable experience for all concerned.
• It is important for the H.S.C.L. to have a profile and develop links in the community with youth organisations, the H.S.E., and the E.W.B. to name but a few. I need to be able to know what services are out there to support families.

It is important as H.S.C.L. to promote good attendance and support the Education Welfare Officer.

What does the H.S.C.L not do?
• It is not my job to report back personal details of a family to the school staff. Anything that a parent says to me is treated with the utmost confidentiality. I will only divulge information about a family at the request of that family.
• It is also not my job to listen to complaints about staff members. If a parent has an issue with a teacher or their child’s progress they will need to deal with that issue with the teacher of the principal.

  • What has happened for parents last year?
    • Operation Transformation
    • Baking
    • Phonics
    • Flower arranging
  •   Gardening
    • Yoga
    • Science for Dads
    •  Cooking
    • Read to Succeed
    • Knitting
    • Crochet
    • Maths for Fun

Due to Covid 19 restrictions parent classes are now running online. 

How can I contact the H.S.C.L. coordinator?
My mobile phone number is 087-1838649 and I can also be contacted at the school on 041-9833620. My e-mail address is

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