Green Schools

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Green Schools is an international, environmental, education programme designed to promote and acknowledge whole schools’ action for the environment. Green Schools offers a well-defined, controllable way to take environmental issues from the curriculum and apply them to the day to day running of our school.

The Green School Programme has helped us to:

  • Improve the school environment
  • Reduce litter and waste
  • Reduce fuel bills
  • Reduce water usage
  • Encourage the whole school community to walk, cycle or park and stride to school.
  • Increase overall environmental awareness
  • Become aware of biodiversity around us.
  • Learn about and act upon global issues.

Participation in the Green Schools’ Programme offers us the chance to train our pupils to be environmentally conscious, a vital skill that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Our Green School Committee is made up of Ms Bradley (Principal), Ms Gregory, Ms Glacken and Ms Lucey (Teachers), Mrs Berrill (SNA), Stephen (Caretaker) and pupil representatives from each class.
At the start of each school year, one pupil from each class is elected onto the committee. The committee meets regularly and they lead the campaign. They spread the Green News to the rest of their classmates.

To date, we have received five Green Flags. The first was for Litter and Waste, the second for saving energy throughout the school, the third for our water saving programme, our fourth for travelling to school in an environmentally friendly way and the fifth for Biodiversity. Biodiversity is our life support system. It is the variety of all life forms on Earth, from the tiniest bugs in the soil to the butterflies in your garden, the plants they feed from and the biggest whales in the sea.

We are currently working on the sixth Green Flag, for Global Citizenship Litter and Waste. 

Our ‘Green’ success is not confined to Green Flags, however! At the 2016 GROW Awards run by Louth County Council we won a special award for Biodiversity as a result of the Native Garden Project we worked on throughout the year. We also came away with a 3 Star Award for ' making the most of the environment and for engendering a wonderful sense of enthusiasm and self-sufficiency among the pupils.'

Credit goes to our hardworking and enthusiastic Green School Committee.

Green School Committee 2018

G1 Kobi

G2 Nathan

G3 Patryk

G5 Cian / Dáire

R6 Tom, Leon, Luke

R7 Callum

R8 Keagan

R9 Jamie / Richard

R11 Jude

R12 Evan

Staff Members
Ms Bradley (Principal)
Ms Gregory
Mrs Berrill (SNA)
Ms Glacken
Ms Lucey
Stephen (Caretaker)