George’s Marvellous Medicine- comprehension questions(Ch.5-15)

Boys, I hope you are all enjoying reading one of my favourite Roald Dahl novels-George’s Marvellous Medicine!

Please find attached comprehension questions for you to answer (orally or in written form) after you have completed each chapter.

George’s Marvellous Medicine- comprehension questions continued (Ch5- 15)

Chapter 5- The Cook Up

  1. How does George cook the magic medicine?
  2. Describe what happens to the magic medicine when George cooks it.
  3. What words does George chant, as he dances around the steaming pot?
  4. Find the dictionary meaning for the words listed below.













Chapter 6- Brown Paint

  1. Describe the problem George discovers with his magic medicine.
  2. What solution does George have to this problem?
  3. Give your opinion on how Grandma treats George.
  4. Why does George hold the bottle under the cold tap for a few minutes?
  5. What happens when George holds the bottle under the cold taps?
  6. What does Grandma use to take her medicine?
  7. Do you think George should go ahead and give Grandma the magic medicine he has made? Why or why not?
  8. What do you predict will happen when Grandma takes the medicine?

Chapter 7- Grandma Gets the Medicine

  1. Why does George ask Grandma if she is going to gulp down her medicine or sip it?
  2. Describe the 1st thing Grandma’s body does after she takes the medicine.
  3. What does Grandma say about her stomach being on fire?
  4. Does George believe that Grandma is on fire? What changes his mind?
  5. When Grandma was swelling up what happened to her face?
  6. Why is it funny that Grandma grew really tall?
  7. Why does George give Grandma a second spoonful of medicine?
  8. What rooms does Grandma burst into when she is growing?
  9. How long has it been since Grandma has been outside?
  10. Do you think Grandma will go through the roof?
  11. Excuses! Excuses!

George is very worried about what his father will say when he sees what growing Grandma has done to the house.

Help George think of some believable excuses to tell his father.

Excuse No. 1


Excuse No. 2


Excuse No. 3


Chapter 8- The Brown Hen

  1. What does George think has happened to Grandma when he first gets outside and looks at the roof?
  2. What does George think has caused her to grow so tall?
  3. Why does George give the magic medicine to one of the hens?
  4. How did George get the hen to take the magic medicine?
  5. What opinion does the author have about chickens?
  6. What did the chickens think the spoonful of medicine was?
  7. If you were George and you lived on a farm which animal would you choose to give the medicine to? Why?
  8. How did George put out the hen when it was on fire?
  9. Why di Grandma call the hen a “circus hen”?
  10. What was the difference between the way Grandma grew bigger and the way the hen grew bigger?
  11. How big was the hen when it stopped growing?
  12. What was Grandma’s opinion on the big hen?


Chapter 9- The Pig, The Bullocks, The Sheep, The Pony and The Nanny Goat.

  1. Which of George’s parents arrive home first?
  2. Why does George’s mother drop the milk?
  3. What sight causes George’s mother to drop the groceries?
  4. What questions do you thing George’s mother would have about what she is seeing?
  5. Why does George’s mother think Grandma is on the roof?
  6. Explain why George’s father gets so excited about the magic medicine.
  7. Do you think giving all the animals the magic medicine is a good idea? Why or why not?
  8. Research and write a recipe that George’s family can use to make something using the football sized egg the gigantic brown hen laid.


Chapter 10- A Crane for Grandma.

  1. Why doesn’t Grandma like what she sees from the roof?
  2. What does Grandma shout to George from the roof?
  3. What does George’s father think they should do with Grandma?
  4. Does George’s mother agree with his father? Why?
  5. How des the family get Grandma down from the roof?
  6. What would the two men who drove the crane have thought when they arrived and saw Grandma?
  7. What does Grandma do when she is lifted out of the roof by the crane and put onto the ground?
  8. Why does Grandma have to sleep in the barn?
  9. What do you imagine sleeping in a barn would be like?


Chapter 11- Mr Kranky’s Great Idea

  1. Summarise Mr Kranky’s great idea in a few sentences.
  2. What does Mrs Kranky tell Mr Kranky to stop doing with his breakfast?
  3. Why does George have a difficult time getting his father to listen to him?
  4. George doesn’t remember what he used in his magic medicine.

    How does Mr. Kranky think he can solve this problem?

  1. Do you think George will have remembered all of the ingredients for his magic medicine correctly?
  2. Find the dictionary meanings for the words listed below.














Chapter 12- Marvellous Medicine Number Two

  1. Why do George and his father have to be careful how they make

the medicine?

  1. List the possible problems that George and his father could

come across whilst making marvellous medicine number two.


  1. What is the first thing George realises he has forgotten? How

does he know he has forgotten it?


  1. Describe the chicken that George tests marvellous medicine

number two on?


  1. What ingredients does George realise he has forgotten after they test marvellous medicine number two?


  1. What do you think Mr Kranky would be thinking as he drove

back to the village to buy flea powder and shoe polish?



In this activity the answers are given, your job is to think up the questions that

would go with the answer.

Question 1 Who _________________________________________________

Answer Grandma

Question 2 Where _________________________________________________

Answer The barn

Question 3 How _________________________________________________

Answer By adding everything he can into a saucepan

Question 4 Why _________________________________________________

Answer To get Grandma out of the roof

Question 5 When _________________________________________________

Answer After she has done the grocery shopping in the village

Question 6 What _________________________________________________

Answer A crane

Chapter 13- Marvellous Medicine Number Three

  1. Do you think Mrs Kranky believes that George and his father will

be able to make the marvellous medicine again? How do you



  1. What is a cockerel?


  1. Describe the reaction of the cockerel to marvellous medicine

number three.

  1. George remembers two other ingredients he has forgotten. What

are they?


  1. What have you learnt about the character of George’s father

from the last few chapters?


Chapter 14: Marvellous Medicine Number Four

  1. Why does Mrs Kranky tell Mr Kranky he will never get the

medicine right?


  1. Why do you think Mr Kranky is so determined to get the

marvellous medicine right?

  1. Describe how George and his

parents would have been feeling when the chicken shrunk to a

tiny size.

  1. How do you feel about what has happened to the Kranky family?

Chapter Fifteen- Goodbye Grandma

  1. What does Grandma demand from the family?


  1. What does Grandma think is in George’s hand and what is

actually in his hand?


  1. Why do you think Mr Kranky encourages Grandma to drink the

liquid when he knows what it is?

  1. If you were there would you have told Grandma to drink or not

to drink the liquid? Why?


  1. Why do you think George was alarmed?


  1. In the box below draw Grandma getting smaller and smaller

until she disappears.

  1. Why does Mrs Kranky calm down quite quickly about Grandma



  1. Where do you think Grandma disappeared to?



  1. What do you think about the ending of the book? 


Now that Grandma has disappeared George’s family only has the problem of the

huge animals to deal with. What happens next?




Score out of 10

☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

I liked the character of ________________________ because __________________



I enjoyed this book because _______________________________________________




I would recommend this book to readers who ____________________________



Draw an illustration of the best part of the book.

Write a paragraph about the book to get another reader interested in

reading it. 

Design a new front cover for the novel





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