Gardening Week with Ms. Marry – Day 1


This week’s challenge is going to get us out into the garden!! Ms. Marry has set a different challenge each day. The wonderful thing is you don’t even need to have a garden to take part!! So lets get outside and get gardening!! Don’t forget to send your pictures and videos  on to your teachers!!


Day 1: Wildflowers

Today’s challenge involves wildflowers. These beautiful flowers are all around us. So get out into the garden, to the park or (now you can go futher than 20km!) enven to the countryside and see what wildflowers you can spot.

Watch the following videos to see how to take part in todays challenge:

Video 1: Collecting Wildflowers


Video 2: Wild Flower Arrangements


Video 3: Flower Pressing


Video 4: Pressed Flower Crafts

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