R8 Maths Stations

R8 did maths stations on 2d shapes. The boys were describing shapes at the first station, cutting out shapes at station two, tessellating shapes with lollipop sticks at station three, looking at symmetry at station four, and playing a game on the interactive whiteboard at the last station.

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St. Jospephs CBS would like to take this opportunity to offer our congratulations to the Newtown Blues GFC and in particular all our former pupils on successfully defending their title as Louth Senior Football Champions.
In what was an enthralling game the Blues showed great determination to grab the win right at the death.
We look forward to a visit from some of the team and the Joe Ward trophy in the near future.
Newtown Blues Abú!!!

Maths Week Answers

We hope that you enjoyed Maths Week and that you managed to solve most of our puzzles. Here are the answers

Puzzle 1: The answer was 2 cakes
Puzzle 2: The answer is 50 cent
Puzzle 3: Dave is 15 and Dad is 35
Puzzle 4: Eddie had 5 wrong answers
Puzzle 5: 4 3 8
9 5 1
2 7 6

Puzzle 4: Taking a Test

Eddie took a test of 20 questions. The test was graded by giving 10 points for each correct answer and deducting 5 points for each incorrect answer. Eddie answered all 20 questions and received a score of 125. How many wrong answers did he have?

Maths Table Quiz 3rd/4th


The 3rd and 4th classes took part in a table quiz for maths week.

There were some fantastic mathematicians on display and they worked out some very difficult maths problems. Not to mention the boys watching on, that were eager to display their mathematical knowledge.

It was a closely fought contest between all of the teams, but it was the experience of both 4th classes that seen them battle it out to a controversial finish.

After a recount of points it was G5 that were the eventual winners.

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Puzzle 3: How Old is Dave?

Fresh and invigorated after completing his algebra homework, Dave appeared at the living room door. He held a piece of paper covered in scribbled numbers, ‘m’s, ‘d’s, and equations.

“Dad!” he announced. “Five years from now you’ll be only double my age!”

“Amazing!” Dad almost looked up from the TV, but knew he hadn’t finished.

“But five years ago, you were triple my age then!”

“I suppose in another ten years we’ll be the same age,” Dad grunted, changing channels.

How old is Dave?