Viking Visit

Fourth Class were visited by a Viking who taught them all about how and when the Vikings first came to Ireland.

They learned about how the Vikings and the Irish natives lived back then, as well as getting to see and use some genuine Viking artefacts.


R12 Mountain Trip

R12 climbed up the highest mountain in Louth, Sliabh Foy with two experienced mountain climbers. It was very tiring but we enjoyed it.

By: Modestas and Haider R12

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We were on the ipads doing a web quest, researching the animals in the rainforest. The roof of the rainforest is called a canopy. We made a wall frieze. By Cian Corduff Johnson and Callum James Judge.

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Edmund Rice Ceremony

We went down to the hall to learn about Edmund Rice. Edmund Rice is called ‘Blessed Edmund Rice’ because he is one step away from being a saint. It was very interesting to learn about this good man. By Peter and Warren.

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We saw a pantomime in the hall. It was really really funny!  Everyone loved it. Second class from St Patrick’s came to see it too. They were really good actors. By Ben McNamara and Brian  Hoey.

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Traffic Survey

We did a traffic survey, we counted cars, motorbikes, vans, buses and bikes and other vehicles. We will make a bar chart with our data on our computers. By Nikita and Krzysztof.

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On Tuesday, we got chalk and we drew hopscotch on the ground. We put a rubber on number one and we had to jump over it. When we were done with number one, we could go to number two. This kept going until were done with number ten and we had a lots of fun. By Igor and Maksim.

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We did a lot of experiments in our class about aeroplanes. On Wednesday we made paper aeroplanes. It was fun making paper aeroplanes. But it was really hard. By Leighton Dunne and Alex Lisewski .

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