Under the Sea

Ms Kennedy’s literacy group have been learning all about the deep blue sea.

They completed Report stories based on sea creatures and made a beautiful display.

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G2 Measure Rainfall

G2 spent two weeks measuring the rainfall in the school yard.

They made rain gauges using old plastic bottles.

9cm of water was collected over two weeks!

They used it to water the vegetables they have been growing as part of the GIY (Grow it Yourself) project.



Planting in R6 and G5

R6 and G5 are taking part in the Incredible Edibles planting programme.

They are growing turnip, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, potatoes, chives and carrots, as well as sunflowers.

Hopefully they will have a successful harvest in the summer term.

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Easter Egg Hunt

There was great excitement in G2 this morning as the boys went on an Easter egg hunt. For each laminated egg they found they got to exchange it for a mini egg. There was one golden egg and the prize for finding it was a chocolate bunny.

IMG_2306 IMG_2303 IMG_2302

Bee Bots

Ms. Glacken gave us the bee bots. We had to code them to go a certain place and we made a maze so the bee bots would go through the maze. There were four stations and it was lots of fun.

By Kryzsztof and Shane.

IMG_2246 IMG_2244



Water gauges

We made water gauges and tied them to a pole. We were looking to see how many centimeters of rainfall we got each day. On Friday we measured five centimeters of rain. We enjoyed it.

By Warren and Ben.