R6 Going To The Boyne Rugby Club.

On the 30th of September, St Josephs C.B.S , Donacarney , Aston Village , White Cross and Ballymakenny went to Boyne Rugby Club to play some rugby 



All of the schools.



R6 playing with the Leinster mascot Leo the Lion





St Josephs and Ballymakenny playing with Leo the Lion

All of the schools had a lot of fun playing rugby at the Boyne Rugby Club


September Art in G1

So far we have created personal robots, a tissue paper ‘Salmon of Knowledge’, talent shields, and pastel autumn leaves. We also enjoyed a trip to the Highlanes Gallery to see the Texaco Children’s Art Competition.

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Rugby Day in Boyne Rovers

Leinster Primary School Blitz (1)

The 5th Classes had a great day on Wednesday 30th September when they attended a Rugby Blitz at Boyne Rovers. They played matches against other Drogheda schools and they even met the Leinster mascot, Leo the Lion!!

Paper Helicopters in G2

G2 had great fun making paper helicopters in Science.  We observed our spinners carefully and carried out some investigations by adding a weight, comparing different sizes and changing the direction that they were spinning in.

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