Sports Activity Week

Sports Activity Week!

Around this time of year we look forward to our annual Sports Day.

Sadly we wont get to experience a Sports Day in the traditional sense this year.

This week you will be given various sporting activities that you can compete in from home in your own garden or in the park, timed or against family members.

We start the week with an Opening Ceremony.

There will be a Race Day, an Obstacle Course day and a Scavenger Hunt Day

You may have your own ideas of how the activities can be improved, if this is the case we want you to use your creativity to change them but most of all we want you to enjoy them.



Opening Ceremony

Just like the opening ceremony at the Olympics except in your own garden.

  • Design and make your own flag/logo to display in your parade.
  • Plan an entrance parade including your favourite music to march or dance to.
  • Show off some skills or talents (Keepie Uppies, Cartwheels, Handstands etc..) as you parade around the garden.
  • Make it fun!!!
  • Send your photos/videos (with your parents’ permission) to your teacher.


Use this video as inspiration.

Olympic Opening Ceremonies – A Journey Through Time



Walk the Line

You will need:

  • Sticks, skipping ropes, tape, belts (anything you can make a line on the ground with!)
  • A stopwatch
  • A ‘Tester’ to record your time

How to play:

  • Arrange your ropes, sticks etc. in a line along the ground.
  • Don’t make it too easy; add some twists and turns!!
  • Try and make it from the start of the line to the end in the quickest time possible.

After some practice, why not try and make it a little harder –

  • Try and fully turn around in the middle without losing balance
  • Try it with your eyes closed.
  • Try it whilst balancing a book on your head.


The Sack Race

You Will Need

  • A sack or pillowcase.
  • A ‘Tester’ to shout “Ready, Steady and Go” and record time
  • A Stopwatch
  • 2 Cones or something to use as a marker.


How to Set Up and Record Your Result: place your 2 cones/markers 10 metres (or 20m if you have enough space).

Set your course on a grass area (in case you fall) The Tester will record your time.

Line up at the starting cone with both feet in the sack and holding the sack up about waist high.

When the Tester Shouts “Ready, Steady, Go”,  hop as quickly and far as possible to the second cone and turn carefully before returning to your starting point.


You can include your family members and set up a race against them.


Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag

  • Standing one metre apart and facing each other.
  • Each pair begins by performing a rock-paper-scissors routine.
  • A rock is a closed fist, paper is a flat hand, and scissors are the index and middle fingers in a cutting position.
  • Paper always covers rock, rock breaks scissors, and scissors cut
  • To determine a winner, count to three and form a rock, paper, or scissors.
  • The winner then chases their partner toward their safety line, attempting to tag them before they are safe.





The Crab Walk Race

You Will Need

  • A ‘Tester’ to shout “Ready, Steady and Go” and record time
  • A Stopwatch
  • 2 Cones or something to use as a marker.

How to Set Up and Record Your Result: place your 2 cones/markers 10 metres (or 20m if you have enough space).

Set your course on a grass area or flat clear area (to protect your hands). The Tester will record your time.

Line up at the starting cone,

  • start by sitting down backwards with hands touching the starting line,
  • bend your knees and
  • lean back on your hands and straighten your arms
  • raise your hips and you’re ready.

When the Tester Shouts “Ready, Steady, Go”,  walk like a crab  as quickly as possible to the second cone and turn carefully before returning to your starting point.


You can include your family members and set up a race against them.


Knock ‘em Down Skittles

You will need:

  • 6 (or 10 if you can) Skittles OR empty bottles OR tins of beans OR empty cereal boxes
  • A ball

How to play

  • Arrange your skittles or bottles etc. in a triangle shape. This is your target!
  • Place a marker 10m away from the target.
  • You have 3 attempts to knock down all of the skittles.




The Egg and Spoon Race

You Will Need

  • An Egg (You can boil the egg to avoid any mess!)
  • A Tablespoon
  • A ‘Tester’ to shout “Ready, Steady and Go” and record time
  • A Stopwatch
  • 2 Cones or something to use as a marker.

How to Set Up and Record Your Result: place your 2 cones/markers 10 metres (m) apart on a flat, non-slip surface (or 20m if you have enough space). The Tester will record your time.

Line up at the starting cone with your egg balancing on your top of your spoon.

Hold the spoon at the end of the handle and the other hand behind your back. When the Tester Shouts “Ready, Steady, Go”, move as quickly as possible (walk or run) to the second cone and turn carefully before returning to your starting point.

If you drop your egg off your spoon, you must go back and Start again!


You can include your family members and set up a race against them.



Obstacle Course

This is your chance to be your own coach.  The final design is up to you!

Use anything you can think of.

Jump, crawl, hop, run, balance, swing, slide, dance, whatever you like.

We’ve suggested some possible course ideas below, but try to be as creative as possible and send your

a picture/video (with parents’ permission) of your course and you completing it.

Option 1 – Basic Course

Start à Balance à Bottle Flip à Crawl under blanket à Jumper

Step 1 – Balance: Balance a plastic cup on your head

Step 2 – You must bottle flip a ¼ full plastic bottle of water before you can move on

Step 3 – Crawl under a big blanket

Step 4 – Put on a Jumper and race to the finish

Option 2 – Fitness Course

Start à 20 Star Jumps à 15 Burpees à 10 Sit Ups à 5 Press Ups

Step 1 – Do 20 Star Jumps and run to next station

Step 2 – Do 15 Burpees and run to the next station

Step 3 – Do 10 Sit ups and run to the next station

Step 4 – Do 5 Press ups and run to the finish

Option 3 – Timed Circuit

(The winner will be whoever can complete the circuit in the quickest time)

Start à Bottle Flip à 10 sit ups à Plastic Cup Balance à 10 Burpees à Jumper and Shorts à Finish

Step 1 – Bottle Flip Challenge, once completed, run to next station

Step 2 – Complete 10 Sit Ups and hop one footed to next station

Step 3 – Balance Plastic cup on your head to the next station

Step 4 – Complete 10 Burpees and run to next station

Step 5 – Put a jumper and shorts on over your clothes and run to the finish (stop the clock!!)

Make it more challenging.

  • Do it in reverse.
  • Hop through the course.
  • Crab walk through the course.






Design a medal

Design your own Sports Day Medal.

  • What event is the medal for?
  • Is it for winning, taking part or good sportsmanship?

Use the template to help you

design a medal





Zoom Scavenger Hunt

Rules for Scavenger hunt on Zoom

  • All players must be touching their computer before each round begins. This makes for a fair playing field.  For example, if a player is standing far from the webcam, they could reach an item faster than the others. 
  • The host calls out the first item on the list and startsthe preset countdown.
  • The players must rush to find the item in their house and bring it to the webcam before the timer runs out.
  • Once the countdown ends, all players must come back to the starting position, irrespective of if they found the item or not.
  • The host then writes down the points won by each player, next to the item


Teacher Example.

We could change it to be sports orientated or teachers can come up with their own but I’m sure this one would be a bit of fun.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Example

1. Find . . . . Something blue
2. Find . . . . a tea bag
3. Find  . . . . a clothes peg
4. Find . . . . a piece of fruit
5. Find . . . a coin
6. Find . . . . a battery
7. Find . . . . a spatula
8. Find a decorated pillow case
9. Find . . . . an object with four corners
10.          Find . . . . odd socks
11.          Find. . . .something frozen
12.          Find. . . .a winter hat
13.          Find . . . .a sandal
14.          Find . . . . something that begins with the letter H
15.          Find . . . . something that stretches.


Let’s Get Ready video for returning to pre-school/creches


The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has today launched an animated media clip to support children and their parents/guardian with returning to or starting crèche, pre-school and childminding settings. The aim of this clip is to help children and parents understand some of the changes, reinforcing public health requirements while also reassuring them that lots of their early years’ experience remains the same.

Here is the link to watch directly

Music Week – DAY 5

Day 5 –The Joey-Vision Song Contest Entries

Today is the day to submit your entries in to the Joey-Vision Song Contest. You can send a voice recording or video of you performing the song or simply send the lyrics of your song to your teacher!



Renars G5


ImaginNation Activity Book


An Post and Children’s Books Ireland have created the ImagineNation playbook, an action-packed activity book for primary school aged children created with top Irish children’s authors and illustrators.

They are looking to bring the playbook to children and families thanks to The Community Foundation for Ireland. You can find out more about the ImagineNation project here and download the full playbook or individual activity pages:

Please see below information re free ImagineNation activity book for primary school children.

In short, simply click on the link below and complete the form:

Support for parents and children 24/7 free text service

Thankfully we are slowly emerging from the restrictions that have impacted on all our lives . We are still living in uncertain times and it is important to help and support one another.

Free 24/7 text service ‘50808’


A new text based mental health service funded by the HSE launches today.

‘50808’ is a first of its kind for Ireland, a free 24/7 text service, providing everything from a calming chat to immediate support for people going through a mental health or emotional crisis. Crisis Volunteers are available 24/7 for anonymous text conversations. The aim is to provide immediate support in the short term and connect people to resources that will help them in the future.

Anne O’Connor, Chief Operations Officer, HSE, said “The impact of this pandemic will be different for all of us and while not everyone will need mental health support, for those that do it’s important to have a variety of services that meet those needs. Picking up the phone and asking for help can appear daunting, but texting 50808 will connect you to a trained listening Crisis Volunteers.


Jigsaw – Helping young people deal with disappointment –

6th Class Confirmation – August 21st 2020

Dear Parents,

After consultation with the parish, we are delighted to announce that confirmation has been rescheduled for Friday the 21st of August at 5pm in Our Lady of Lourdes Church. It will be a simple, pared back ceremony in line with social distancing guidelines. The following health and safety measures will be in place for the wellbeing of all concerned.

  • Each candidate for confirmation may bring a maximum of 3 adult guests, one of whom to be the child’s sponsor
  • Each group will be given an assigned seat.
  • There will be no mass.
  • The ceremony will be performed by the parish and the bishop will not be in attendance.
  • The boys will receive the Rite of Confirmation from their seats.

It is essential that the boys produce a copy of their baptismal certificate in order to make confirmation. I know many of you have done this already but if you still need to submit a copy please do so as soon as possible. We will accept a photograph of the certificate emailed to us if you consent to send it in that format and the information contained in it will only be used for the purposes of confirmation in line with our GDPR policy.

We will be in touch at a later date with regard to order of service, preparation and seating arrangements.

As we are all aware, we live in uncertain times and the arrangements for confirmation are dependent on Road Map for Reopening Ireland going ahead as planned.

Is mise le meas,

Sarah Bradley


Music Week Day 4 – Challenge and Gallery

Day 4 – Listen and Respond

One of the most wonderful things about music is that for every piece of music there are hundreds of different reactions to it! Some people will love it, some will hate it and others won’t care either way! So for this challenge I want you to listen to the piece of music in the link below and draw your reaction!


  1. Listen to one (or all!) of these three pieces of music (try not to watch the video!!)

  1. Have colouring pencils, crayons, twistables etc. at the ready. When the music begins, start to draw and don’t stop until the music ends. Share your reaction drawings with your teacher and lets see how similar or different they are!




Renars G5


Matej G5


Emmanuel G5


Ayyan G5

Photo from robmulroy (42) Photo from robmulroy (41)

deenash sings

Music Week Day 2 – Challenge and Gallery


Todays Challenge – Playlist of our favourite songs

Music is about sharing. Sharing our memories, sharing our experiences and sharing how it makes us feel! So I want you to pick your favourite songs; at least 3 and no more than 5. Listen to each of them and write down the reasons why you love that song!  Then share your list with your teacher, friends, family and anyone else you like! Use the worksheet below to help you!

Favourite Song Playlist Worksheet

Here are some of the fantastic musical creations from some of our talented musicians…. and Mr. Mulroy

G3- Cian Smyth- My Favourite Songs Playlist G3- Adam Kearney- My Favourite Songs Playlist