Sustainable Energy Workshop

On Wednesday 4th October, the 5th Classes took part in a Science workshop run by Sustainable Energy Ireland. They learned all about the energy we use, fossil fuels, climate change and renewable energy.

They took part in experiments including the Alka-Seltzer pop where they saw how chemical energy is released and the potato battery experiment where they found out about amounts of chemical energy stored in food.

It was a very informative and enjoyable day.


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5th Class Rugby Blitz

On Thursday 5th of October 2017, the 5th classes went to Boyne Rugby pitch to play tag rugby against other schools. There were schools playing from all over the Drogheda region. We had a great day.

Caomhin R7

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Walking Tour of Drogheda

R6 went on a walking tour of Drogheda on 21st September. The tour was led by local historian Liam Reilly. We started off at the Tholsel, then went to St Laurence’s Gate, St Peter’s Church of Ireland graveyard and finished with St Oliver Plunkett’s head in St Peter’s Church, West Street. The sun was shining and a great day was had.

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