Zoom Tuesday Homework

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Read the Gaeilge comhrá with somebody at home, get the family involved.

Do the suffix activity on the English sheet and complete B on the Maths sheet.

Continue with the animal report mentioned on yesterday’s homework. That should be sent to Mr Keane or Ms Gregory by email before Friday.

Thanks boys!


5th Class homework

Hi boys, here are today’s worksheets for anybody who is finding it hard to access Folensonline or who maybe missed this morning’s Zoom class.

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And don’t forget your project for Friday on your choice of animal


Have fun and keep well!

Zoom homework

The Maths sheet is the same as yesterday.

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This is a nice poem you could read for parents or younger siblings


Make sure you are getting lots of fresh air while the weather is good!


Zoom homework

Today’s worksheets

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The link mentioned about the audio books is:


It is for all ages and is free for as long as the schools are closed.

Zoom Demos – How to get online

We are delighted to offer online teaching by video link for 5th & 6th. This will be on a trial basis until Easter and if successful will be offered to more classes after Easter. To logon, you will need to download a free app called Zoom. It is available from the app store or online at www.zoom.us. Once downloaded click on join a meeting and enter code and password. These codes were sent to you by text message.

The following videos show the method of logging on using a laptop/computer and using a phone/tablet.


Green Flag 7

Ben in R6 created a battery operated windmill and electricity powered lighthouse as part of our work towards the 7th Green Flag for Global Citizenship, Energy.

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