Aboriginal Art in G3

In G3 we are learning about Australia in geography and we are learning about aboriginal people in history. In art we did native animals to Australia & decorated them like the Aboriginal people used to do in art.

By Noah and Arnas G3

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Some boys from third and fourth class went to the TLT to see Beauty And The Beast. In the show there was a character called Gaston and there was Belle and many more characters. It was amazing and we all enjoyed the show.

By Liam G5

IMG_2001 IMG_1999

Third Class Trip to the Droichead Arts Centre

The third classes were lucky enough to participate in an orchestra workshop in the Droichead Arts Centre last Thursday 19th of October. Each of the students played a variety of string instruments including the violin, the viola, the cello and the double bass. Their group performance was amazing and they really enjoyed the experience.

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