G3 Report Writing

G3 made a great effort researching different animals for their Report writing.

They used all their knowledge to compose factual stories.

Then the final draft was typed out.

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The Dentist

One day a dentist came in to our school. They taught us how to keep our teeth clean. After that we sang a song about our teeth. Our teacher gave the class a toothbrush and toothpaste.

By Dylan Williams and Callum Judge.

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The Siena nuns wrote an icon. We all went to the hall to pray to the icon. By Darragh Smyth and Igor Mokrauz.

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Aboriginal Art in G3

In G3 we are learning about Australia in geography and we are learning about aboriginal people in history. In art we did native animals to Australia & decorated them like the Aboriginal people used to do in art.

By Noah and Arnas G3

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Some boys from third and fourth class went to the TLT to see Beauty And The Beast. In the show there was a character called Gaston and there was Belle and many more characters. It was amazing and we all enjoyed the show.

By Liam G5

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