R10 Look At WW1

We are learning about WW1! We learned that it used to be called The Great War. We used the surface tablets to learn about it. Also we learned about the Red Baron, the Lusitania and U boats.

By Cian Mc R10

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Traditional Irish Singing

Last week, the boys from sixth class went down to the hall to do some traditional Irish singing with Gerry and Gilly Cullen. We learned the songs “The Rattlin Bog” and “Bedlam Boys”. It was lots of fun!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By David and Shayne, R11.

R10 Irish Stations

On the 23rd R1o did Irish stations with our student teacher Mr O’Conor. On the first station there was bingo. On the second station there was buying fruit and veg with fake money. On the third station we were playing games on the whiteboard. The last station we made up sentences with pieces of paper . We all enjoyed it and soon we will be doing maths stations every week.

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