5th Class celebrate Multicultural Day

5th Class held their Multicultural Day on 14th June.

They had displays from Ireland, India, Poland, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Croatia, Trinidad and Tobago and Spain.

The boys brought in food, clothes and flags from each of the countries and shared information about their countries with their classmates.

There was a presentation all about Spain.

A great day was had by everybody.

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JEP Upcoming Events

In late January/early February 2018 the boys of R7 will be starting to sell their JEP product: Balloon Buddies. The price that we got from the surveys that most boys requested they wanted the product to sell for was between €1-€2.

BY: Prince & Caomhín


R7 Survey Sheets

Earlier this week, boys from R7 went to all of the other classes in the school. They went around with surveys to see their opinions about our product, Balloon Buddies. They also gave out our prototypes of the Balloon Buddies. As far as we know the surveys went really well.

By Prince and Caomhín R7

R7 Junior Entrepreneur Program: Sean Kilroy Visits!

Yesterday afternoon, Sean Kilroy from Sean Kilroy Fitness visited the pupils in R7 to tell them about his business. Sean told us that he started out hoping to become a world-famous boxing champion. Since then, he decided that he should start a gym, to help people keep fit and healthy.

Prince & Caomhín R7


R7 J.E.P. – Step 2: Pitching to the Dragons!

On November 24th, 2017, R7 completed Step 2 of the J.E.P. – pitching our 4 ideas to the 3 ‘dragons’. The 4 ideas we came up with were Vizzy Vests, Slime Zone, Random T-shirts and Balloon Buddies. The 3 dragons were Mr. Clayton, Ms. Kennedy and Alex Reilly. The winning pitch that the dragons picked were the

Balloon Buddies.





Prince & Caomhín


Handball – R7 5th Class

On 11th of October, R7 played handball for PE. We had 9 teams of 3. Handball is a sport that you can only use your hands in and you can only take 3 steps with the ball before playing it. We all enjoyed it a lot.

By Caomhin and Prince R7