St Joseph’s C.B.S. Election 2020

WE’RE INTO THE final few days of campaigning ahead of the St. Josephs C.B.S. general election polling day, on Wednesday, and a recent opinion poll conducted by G5 suggest it is still all to play for with a number of pupils still undecided. 

G5 have been learning about ‘Representing and Interpreting Data’ in maths this month. The election gave the boys the perfect opportunity to put what the have learned into practice.

Election Pie chart

Aldi Play Rugby Promotion

A huge thank you to all the boys and parents that contributed stickers to the Aldi promotion.

We received a fantastic range of equipment which will further add to our sports and P.E. activities.

Including; rugby balls, bags, hurdles, cones, markers, bibs, tag rugby kits, pump and water bottles.


G5- Christmas Treats

This week the boys baked some Christmas Tree Treats. A nice simple treat that can be made easily at home with just a few ingredients.

We used a chocolate spread or jam as our filling.  We all had a great time making them and an even better time eating them.


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Today FM Visit to St. Joseph’s

Well done to all the boys, from 3rd and 4th Class, that took part in the interview with Shauna from Today Fm on Wednesday the 6th of November. They represented the school brilliantly and spoke very well, a fantastic advertisement for the school.


The segment was broadcast on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Thursday the 7th of November.

You can listen to the interview  on the Today FM website (Ian Dempsey Listen Back about 1hr 45 minutes) or by by clicking the link below;