Story of Firsts: Cave Painting

G5 have been learning all about The Story of Firsts. First inventions and discoveries, the class became particularly interested in early man and their discoveries of things for the first time ever, and how their stories may have been told through cave drawings and paintings that have been discovered all over the world.

Using the pictures from the famous cave paintings in Lascaux in France as inspiration, we decided to recreate our own versions of cave paintings, using charcoal.

IMG_20220210_140129 IMG_20220210_140049 IMG_20220210_140057 IMG_20220210_140116 IMG_20220210_140124 IMG_20220210_140314     IMG_20220211_133307

Science Week 2021

For G5’s next eggs-periment, the class tested the effect of various beverages on our teeth. As egg shells are similar to the enamel in our teeth we used eggs to test the beverages.

We made predictions on which beverage would cause the most damage and there were some surprising results.IMG_20211112_121011 IMG_20211112_121021 IMG_20211112_121031 IMG_20211112_121309 IMG_20211112_121513 IMG_20211112_121528 IMG_20211112_121704 IMG_20211112_121832 IMG_20211112_122026 IMG_20211123_223912 IMG_20211116_153206 IMG_20211116_153212 IMG_20211116_153256 IMG_20211116_153311 IMG_20211116_153343 IMG_20211116_153400

Science Week 2021

For Science week 2021, G5 had a look at some experiments in relation to health and hygiene.

First, we discussed the need for hand hygiene in today’s world. We used bread to find out what was best to keep our hands clean. We also made predictions on which slice of bread would develop mould first. Our test pieces included a fresh untouched slice of bread, a slice that was handled by unwashed hands, sanitised hands and hands washed with soap and water. We also rubbed one slice of bread on a table to discover how bacteria spreads.

Here are the results.

IMG_20211111_152003 IMG_20211119_145939 IMG_20211119_145947 IMG_20211119_145948 IMG_20211119_145951 IMG_20211119_145953