G1 Frogs

G1 have been learning all about the life-cycle of a frog.

They then used recyclable materials to create this fabulous display.


G3 Report Writing

G3 made a great effort researching different animals for their Report writing.

They used all their knowledge to compose factual stories.

Then the final draft was typed out.

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Under the Sea

Ms Kennedy’s literacy group have been learning all about the deep blue sea.

They completed Report stories based on sea creatures and made a beautiful display.

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G2 Measure Rainfall

G2 spent two weeks measuring the rainfall in the school yard.

They made rain gauges using old plastic bottles.

9cm of water was collected over two weeks!

They used it to water the vegetables they have been growing as part of the GIY (Grow it Yourself) project.



Planting in R6 and G5

R6 and G5 are taking part in the Incredible Edibles planting programme.

They are growing turnip, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, potatoes, chives and carrots, as well as sunflowers.

Hopefully they will have a successful harvest in the summer term.

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Eggheads in R6 – The importance of a bicycle helmet

R6 had a bicycle safety workshop with Sorcha Brophy from Green Schools’ Ireland.

They learned how to carry out a maintenance check on their bikes and how to fit a helmet correctly.

They also got to take part in the egg test, where an egg is thrown from different heights to show the importance of wearing a helmet at all times when on your bike! The egg was damaged even at the lowest height. Your head is more precious than an egg but just as delicate!


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