Gardening Week with Ms. Marry – Day 4

Gardening Week with Ms. Marry – Day 4

Today Ms. Marry is taking a look at some of the different fruits that grow in Ireland. Some fruits can be quite easy to grow as well as being great for our health.  Have a look at today’s videos and, if you can, maybe try and grow your own fantastic fruits.




Here are some examples of fruits in the garden:


Peter’s Pavlova!!

Peter made pavlova using strawberries that we grew in class as part of the Incredible Edibles programme. When lockdown started in March Peter brought the strawberries home and has looked after them since.


Gardening Week Gallery

Here are just some of our green-fingered boys enjoying themselves in the garden!

Damien G5- Garden Tour.

919E2CDA-62A5-489C-BD83-3FBB81342D66 Damien G5 – Wildflowers

Gardening Week with Ms. Marry – Day 2

Gardening Week with Ms. Marry – Day 2


Today Ms. Marry shows us around her vegetable garden and how to plant vegetable seeds.

All you will need:

Seeds (Available from any DIY shop or garden centre)

Compost (Available from any DIY shop or garden centre)

Trays, tubs, buckets or anything that can hold compost!

Video 1 – Looking around the Vegetable Garden


Video 2 – Planting Vegetable


Enjoy your Planting!!

Gardening Week with Ms. Marry – Day 1


This week’s challenge is going to get us out into the garden!! Ms. Marry has set a different challenge each day. The wonderful thing is you don’t even need to have a garden to take part!! So lets get outside and get gardening!! Don’t forget to send your pictures and videos  on to your teachers!!


Day 1: Wildflowers

Today’s challenge involves wildflowers. These beautiful flowers are all around us. So get out into the garden, to the park or (now you can go futher than 20km!) enven to the countryside and see what wildflowers you can spot.

Watch the following videos to see how to take part in todays challenge:

Video 1: Collecting Wildflowers


Video 2: Wild Flower Arrangements


Video 3: Flower Pressing


Video 4: Pressed Flower Crafts

The Garden Centre

The theme for Aistear this month was the garden centre.  We had some very eager gardeners in the class, visiting the garden centre to buy pots and seeds and then planting them at the potting station.

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At the construction table, the boys were busy making their own garden centres.

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While at the play dough table, the boys were creating flowers, fences, hoses and many more objects that you would buy in a garden centre.

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At the role play section, the garden centre’s most popular purchase was the lawnmower.


Green Flag 7

Ben in R6 created a battery operated windmill and electricity powered lighthouse as part of our work towards the 7th Green Flag for Global Citizenship, Energy.

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