Handball – R7 5th Class

On 11th of October, R7 played handball for PE. We had 9 teams of 3. Handball is a sport that you can only use your hands in and you can only take 3 steps with the ball before playing it. We all enjoyed it a lot.

By Caomhin and Prince R7


In R8 we have been learning how to play spikeball during PE. Spikeball is a certain type of volleyball with six people on each team.

By Josh and Jamie R8

5th Class Rugby Blitz

On Thursday 5th of October 2017, the 5th classes went to Boyne Rugby pitch to play tag rugby against other schools. There were schools playing from all over the Drogheda region. We had a great day.

Caomhin R7

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Drogheda Moves

The committee

Drogheda Moves!!!

St. Joseph’s CBS successfully completed the Drogheda Moves program. Our last stop was New York before we reached Ireland.


The Drogheda Moves school committee were excellent and played an essential role in the program’s success.

Well Done.

Annette Horan

Drogheda Moves: HSCL

St.Josephs Walks the World!!!

St.Josephs Walks the World!!!












Drogheda Moves!!!!
It is a local initiative to encourage our community to support a healthy mind and body by being more active in their daily lives.
The first part of the initiative is Drogheda Walks the World!!
All the schools in our community are taking part. Each day one of the boys wears a pedometer, which tracks his steps in one day. We then convert this into Kilometers. Then we multiply this number by the number of boys in the class. The final step is to see how far we have travelled.
This project has been running for three weeks in St. Joseph’s CBS.
Week 1: Belarus, near Russia
Week 2: Hangzhu, China
Week 3: Hawaii, USA.
The boys of St.Joseph’s CBS have been amazingly supportive of this project. I will let you all know if we make it around the world.