Some boys from third and fourth class went to the TLT to see Beauty And The Beast. In the show there was a character called Gaston and there was Belle and many more characters. It was amazing and we all enjoyed the show.

By Liam G5

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JEP Upcoming Events

In late January/early February 2018 the boys of R7 will be starting to sell their JEP product: Balloon Buddies. The price that we got from the surveys that most boys requested they wanted the product to sell for was between €1-€2.

BY: Prince & Caomhín


Cooking In R11

On Tuesday in R11,  we went cooking. We made Christmas pastries with melted chocolate! Firstly we cut Christmas shapes into the pastry, later we added chocolate and we put them in the oven. When they were finished we put another layer of chocolate on! They were very tasty!

David and Shayne, R11