Water gauges

We made water gauges and tied them to a pole. We were looking to see how many centimeters of rainfall we got each day. On Friday we measured five centimeters of rain. We enjoyed it.

By Warren and Ben.



Mother’s Day

We made cards that said Mom on one side .Then we coloured the cards in .Then we cut them. It said wow on one side and mom on the other side. We put glitter on them. :)

By Daniel and Filip.


The Dentist

One day a dentist came in to our school. They taught us how to keep our teeth clean. After that we sang a song about our teeth. Our teacher gave the class a toothbrush and toothpaste.

By Dylan Williams and Callum Judge.

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Grandparent’s Day

On Grandparents  Day, our grandparents came over to our school. We performed for them and they had tea and coffee. They had a great time! We really enjoyed it too. By Ronan C and Alex L.

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St. Brigid’s Crosses

We made St.Brigid’s Crosses. First, we got two rushes. We folded them over one another. Then we turned the cross and folded another one around it. We put another one on and we kept folding rushes until we made our cross. By Jack Boyce.

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