Puzzle 2: Missing Price!!!

When I went to the supermarket, I purchased four items. The following shows the cost of three of the items:


The queue for the checkout was pretty long, so to quench my boredom I started playing with my pocket calculator while waiting.

I found out, to my surprise, that the four prices of the four items I purchased added to the same number as I got when I multiplied the four prices together.

What was the price of the fourth item?

Puzzle 1: Grandmas & Trolls

You are on your way to visit your Grandma, who lives at the end of the valley. It’s her birthday, and you want to give her the cakes you’ve made.

Between your house and her house, you have to cross 7 bridges, and as it goes in the land of make believe, there is a troll under every bridge! Each troll, quite rightly, insists that you pay a troll toll. Before you can cross their bridge, you have to give them half of the cakes you are carrying, but as they are kind trolls, they each give you back a single cake.

How many cakes do you have to leave home with to make sure that you arrive at Grandma’s with exactly 2 cakes?

Maths Week 2018!!!

Maths week is almost upon us folks and here at St. Josephs we have lots happening to keep our Mathematicians busy over the coming week. Our school is already registered at www.mathsweek.ie and we are delighted to say that we were the first school in Drogheda to register.
Our list of activities throughout the week is varied and wide ranging and has something for everyone. Each day on our website there will be puzzles for the whole family to get stuck into. The answers will be given out at the end of the week so if you don’t get the answer straight away then just keep persevering.



In the school we are having a Maths Quiz for each of the Senior Class groups. The competition promises to be fierce and it will be interesting to see which classes emerges on top.
On Wednesday we are having a Puzzle day throughout the school so if your child comes home talking in riddles then you’ll know why.

Here at St. Josephs we actively encourage Mathematical thinking every week of the year however we always love to celebrate Maths Week as it is always a great week. Check back in with us next week for some great links, tip for parents in helping their children with homework and of course pictures of us all enjoying Maths week!!!



Talk with Tom Palmer.

This week G5 had the opportunity to see a popular author speak about his books in Drogheda Library. His books make use of football and sports to engage all ages of reader.

Tom Palmer has an international reputation in reader development. Tom has been the official writer for the Premier League Reading Stars scheme for five years.

Tom also gave G5 some tips for planning their own stories which we will be writing in the run up to Halloween. 99E80B9F-4CBC-47D7-97C6-D6D87CFA11E5 9A6ED2C5-D85F-4395-9EF5-8BEC8C67CABD 4AB7D7A0-C28B-47D1-8544-0CA6D05BE0F0 3BEA6875-D947-402E-9758-1F7EE63283BB



Games Day in R9

As a reward for good behaviour and working hard, the lads in R9 had a games day. We had lots of fun and learned some new games too. Well done to the ‘Barbie Boys’ who won the quiz, earning a homework pass each! IMG_5871 IMG_5867 IMG_5865 IMG_5864 IMG_5862 IMG_5882 IMG_5881 IMG_5880 IMG_5878 IMG_5876 IMG_5874 IMG_5872