The Garden Centre

The theme for Aistear this month was the garden centre.  We had some very eager gardeners in the class, visiting the garden centre to buy pots and seeds and then planting them at the potting station.

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At the construction table, the boys were busy making their own garden centres.

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While at the play dough table, the boys were creating flowers, fences, hoses and many more objects that you would buy in a garden centre.

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At the role play section, the garden centre’s most popular purchase was the lawnmower.


St Joseph’s C.B.S. Election 2020

WE’RE INTO THE final few days of campaigning ahead of the St. Josephs C.B.S. general election polling day, on Wednesday, and a recent opinion poll conducted by G5 suggest it is still all to play for with a number of pupils still undecided. 

G5 have been learning about ‘Representing and Interpreting Data’ in maths this month. The election gave the boys the perfect opportunity to put what the have learned into practice.

Election Pie chart

Green Flag 7

Ben in R6 created a battery operated windmill and electricity powered lighthouse as part of our work towards the 7th Green Flag for Global Citizenship, Energy.

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Whole School Assembly January 2020

Today, Friday 31st January we had our first whole school assembly.

Ms Bradley and Mr Mulroy began our assembly with congratulating and giving out medals to the boys who were runner ups in the Louth Primary eleven-a-side Soccer Tournament. Well done boys! A fantastic achievement

!                               20200131_113245                                             20200131_113654


Ms Bradley announced the winners of the January 2020 Attendance Drive. In joint first place are R2 and R3, and in second place R12.

Well done to all the boys who made such an amazing effort to be in school every for the month of January. Keep it up as we will run another attendance competition very soon.


As we were celebrating Catholic Schools Week boys from R12 performed a drama based on the parable of the Good Samaritan with a modern twist



The drama was a reminder to us all to be kind to one another. The theme for the last day of Catholic Schools Week was Living in Harmony with one another.

Boys from 6th Class led us in the final prayers for Catholic Schools Week 2020. 

Our assembly finished with the exciting news that Wogan Build Centre  are sponsoring the Drogheda St. Patrick’s Day parade 2020. A very big Thank You to Wogan’s!



National Grandparents Day

Today at St. Joseph’s we celebrated National Grandparents Day by inviting Senior Infant’s grandparents to their classroom.

The children sang the song ‘True Colours’, followed by ‘Teidí ag Marcaíocht and finished by reading a poem about the months of the year. Well done!

A big thank you to a  great turn out of grandparents on a cold January morning.

20200129_101713 (1)     20200129_101740  20200129_102316 20200129_102032

We are also celebrating Catholic Schools Week and during our prayers we thanked God for the gift of our grandparents asked God to take special care of them too.

Post Office Aistear R3

The theme for Aistear this month was the Post Office. Might we have some future postmen in out midst…

In the construction area we have a house for the postmaster and a police car to protect against the theft of important letters..

IMG_3194          IMG_3209

Airmail transport and a pickup for broken down vans…

IMG_3174          IMG_3212


A very modern post office








Over in the socio-dramatic area the postmen and post masters were very busy delivering letters and helping customers with very important forms….

IMG_3216        IMG_3217


IMG_3207       IMG_3218





IMG_3191        IMG_3171

IMG_3190       IMG_3197


IMG_3179       IMG_3185


In in small world things were just as busy…

IMG_3188      IMG_3226








IMG_3225         IMG_3224

IMG_3229        IMG_3230



In the writing station we were very busy writing postcards to bring to the post office to post.

IMG_3193       IMG_3172

IMG_3213       IMG_3173


IMG_3181      IMG_3180


Effects of Climate Change

climate change



Dylan Kelly from R7 has brilliantly brought to our attention the effects of  climate change on our planet through his artwork. Dylan has depicted how  our planet will look (on the left hand side) if we do not change the way we are living. He conveys a sense of urgency is needed by all in saving our beautiful planet from further destruction by simply saying’Sorry 2030′. A very powerful and thoughtful message to  us all………