5th and 6th Lunchtime Soccer Fixtures

Well done to everyone taking part in the lunchtime soccer. 5th and 6th class pupils have shown amazing skill and teamwork, as well as demonstrating great respect and encouragement for each other no matter what their level of soccer is! Keep it up lads!

Here are the next round of fixtures:

6th – Round 219/02/2019

Team 1 Vs Team 2 (11:00)
Team 4 Vs Team 3 (12:30)

Team 8 Vs Team 5 (12:40)
Team 7 Vs Team 6 (12:50)

5th – Round 3: 27/02/2019

Team 4 Vs Team 3 (11:00)
Team 1 Vs Team 2 (12:30)

Team 8 Vs Team 6 (12:40)
Team 5 Vs Team 7 (12:50)

3-D Printing Workshop

As part of the Louth Science Festival the boys in R9 were treated to a 3-D printing workshop in Drogheda Library. The boys were extremely interested and engaged in the lesson and as a souvenir we got to take back to school a 3-D printed hand. 6E10AF68-D02C-464C-8632-A24CE696B3ACFC154CEB-46CD-448B-A962-84881E394450C5BBC805-5A70-4442-9C61-123DAEB9882A E753E0A2-73F2-424C-A3DB-13749DE4250C

Games Day in R9

As a reward for good behaviour and working hard, the lads in R9 had a games day. We had lots of fun and learned some new games too. Well done to the ‘Barbie Boys’ who won the quiz, earning a homework pass each! IMG_5871 IMG_5867 IMG_5865 IMG_5864 IMG_5862 IMG_5882 IMG_5881 IMG_5880 IMG_5878 IMG_5876 IMG_5874 IMG_5872

R8 Pizza Party!

Well done to the lads in R8! As a reward for brilliant attendance and completing their Superstars chart they were treated to a pizza party and DVD! Thanks to Ms. Horan and Ms. Russell for organising the treat!!




Happy Valentine’s Day





The lads in R8 used a website called www.easydrawingtutorials.com to help them draw these incredible roses. Why don’t you check out this website at home to practise your sketching?! Happy Valentine’s Day!