Active Schools

Here at St. Joseph’s we are delighted to announce that our journey to our second Active Schools Flag has begun!!!

A new committee was elected with class representatives from each of the 3rd’s, 4th’s, 5th’s and 6th classes joining the committee.

Our first event of the year will be taking place this Friday afternoon and it’s going top be a good one. Boys from 5th and 6th class are taking on the teachers in a St. Joseph’s CBS fitness challenge,  Teachers vs Pupils.

Check in this Friday for a full report of the event, pictures and most importantly to see who will emerge victorious!!!

Grandparents’ Day

Next Wednesday the 1st of February is not just St. Brigid’s Day. Here in St. Joseph’s it’s also Grandparents and the boys in R7 are looking forward to welcoming their Grandparents into class to see what they get up to from Monday to Friday!!!



Harry Potter

As part of R7’s Halloween Party, they are looking forward to watching Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. The boys all enjoyed the book and are looking forward to comparing it to the film.