Halloween Quiz

A huge thank you to all families who turned out in such numbers to support our first family Halloween Quiz. We  hope that you enjoyed the event as much as we enjoyed hosting it. Many hours of hard work and preparation went in to making the event a success from Ms Horan and the organising committee to the Parents Association,Student Council and all staff gave so generously of their free time.

The Halloween Quiz was a wonderful fun way to celebrate the end of the first half term of the school year. Enjoy the mid term break, have a happy, fun and most importantly safe holiday and I look forward to  to seeing everybody back on the 5th of November ready to get back to work.
S. Bradley
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Maths Table Quiz 3rd/4th


The 3rd and 4th classes took part in a table quiz for maths week.

There were some fantastic mathematicians on display and they worked out some very difficult maths problems. Not to mention the boys watching on, that were eager to display their mathematical knowledge.

It was a closely fought contest between all of the teams, but it was the experience of both 4th classes that seen them battle it out to a controversial finish.

After a recount of points it was G5 that were the eventual winners.

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G5 solving the Moving Coin Puzzle. These moving coin puzzles were popularised by the great English puzzler Henry Dudeney. They can be played with coins, buttons, counters or any objects that make two distinct sets. The aim of this “E” puzzle (so-called because of its shape) is to reverse the positions of the Green and Red counters in the grid.


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Talk with Tom Palmer.

This week G5 had the opportunity to see a popular author speak about his books in Drogheda Library. His books make use of football and sports to engage all ages of reader.

Tom Palmer has an international reputation in reader development. Tom has been the official writer for the Premier League Reading Stars scheme for five years.

Tom also gave G5 some tips for planning their own stories which we will be writing in the run up to Halloween. 99E80B9F-4CBC-47D7-97C6-D6D87CFA11E5 9A6ED2C5-D85F-4395-9EF5-8BEC8C67CABD 4AB7D7A0-C28B-47D1-8544-0CA6D05BE0F0 3BEA6875-D947-402E-9758-1F7EE63283BB



Grass Heads


This Green School project is so simple and it provides exciting results in about a week. G4 loved watching their grasshead sprout hair and keep growing. When it’s really long, they can trim it like a barber.

The children used plastic cups and planted grass seeds in compost  in order to grow their Grass Heads. They added some odd facial features to finish them off!

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Viking Visit

Fourth Class were visited by a Viking who taught them all about how and when the Vikings first came to Ireland.

They learned about how the Vikings and the Irish natives lived back then, as well as getting to see and use some genuine Viking artefacts.