Active Week – Scores!!

Massive well done to all the boys that tried the challenges.

It’s important to stay active during this time, it helps your mind as well as your body.

Keep challenging yourself!

Here are some scores that we received last week. Well down boys!

Push up challenge –  

R12 – Daragh – 23 

G5 – Damien – 26

G2 – Callum F – 27



Joshua – 3:00


Ben – 2:09

Liang – 1:34

R12 Leon 4:01


R9 David – 45

R12 Leon L – 76

Keepy uppys

R12  – Liam –  103

Fitbit Challenge


Saai – 11168

Beat the Teacher- Day 5

Well done to all the boys that challenged the teachers this week.

Keep practicing and see how your scores improve.

Hopefully you have had fun doing something a bit different.

Today is the big day, the grand finale, this is the challenge you will want to win!!

It’s a tough one, who is up for the challenge of the dreaded BURPEE?


Beat The Teacher – Day 3

Today we have some tough challenges for you.

First up we have the plank challenge, hold the plank position for as long as you can.

See if you can beat Ms. Maloney.

Don’t forget to give your teacher your times.

Plank Demo



Next we have Ms. Mooney with a TikTok Challenge.

Can you follow the sequence and do it for a full minute?

Active Home Week- BEAT THE TEACHER!!

This week would have been Active Week in school, so instead we are going to do Active Home week.

There will be ‘Beat the Teacher’ challenges posted everyday this week on the school website.

You do not have to post videos, just try the challenge for fun and give your class teacher your honest score on Google Classroom.

Why not challenge your brothers, sisters, parents and friends?

Best of luck!!

Press up- Demo

Beat The Teacher – Press Up

G5 – Remote Learning

Hello, I hope to find you all well.

For any parents or students that have not been able to access Google Classroom, in order to continue with the 4th class curriculum, please get in contact with me via email.

Thank you.

GAA Heroes Colouring Book

Use this link to find a GAA colouring book that you can print off.

This will keep you and even your parents busy.

Copy and paste the link into the search bar.


G5 – Week 2; Suggested Activities


Hello boys,

I hope I find you all well. Below I have given you some activities for the week ahead.

Keep working away at any school work you can  to help keep those amazing brains healthy!

Keep an eye on the school website for more news and make use of the resources available

on the 3rd  & 4th class pages.


  • Maths – Cracking Maths (Big Book) Money Part 2 Pages 187-192
  • Practice multiplication and division tables daily.

(This is a great opportunity to really learn any you’re not sure of)

  • Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication using hundreds/thousands.
  • Spellbound – Week 27
  • Ceartlitriú – Bia
  • Read at Home – Pgs 78 – 82
  • The Butterfly Lion: Chilblains and Semolina Pudding
  • How old is the narrator when he decides to run away from boarding school?
  • Give two reasons why the narrator is miserable at this time.
  • What escape route does the narrator use?
  • Why do you think he tries to disguise his uniform?
  • Do you think the narrator is being brave in this chapter? Why? What other words would you use to describe him?
  • The Butterfly Lion: Strange Meeting
  • Name three things the narrator notices about the old lady when he first meets her in the rain.
  • How does the old lady describe her dog, Jack, so as not to worry the narrator?
  • Why does the old lady’s house look as if it has ‘grown out of the ground’?
  • Who do you think Bertie is?
  • Describe how you think the narrator feels as he sits in Millie’s kitchen.