G5 Swimming

The boys of G5 enjoyed six weeks of swimming lessons in Integral Fitness and Leisure Centre.

All the boys made great progress, developed their confidence in the water and of course had great fun! F11513AB-D300-4986-90A9-01DC01CE1674

Andy McDonnell Visits St. Joseph’s



Last week the boys were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet a local hero and an inter-county football star.

Louth footballer and captain of the two in a row Senior County Champions, The Newtown Blues, Andy McDonnell paid a visit to the school to talk all things football, answer the many questions that were put to him and he also put the Gaelic football team through their paces with training a session.

The boys picked up some expert tips about the importance of nutrition as well as developing their skills with new training drills.

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We would like to thank Andy for offering up his time  and hopefully his visit will inspire future football stars from St. Joseph’s.

Global Goals- Climate Action

Climate change is a real threat to our entire planet. 

Did you know that the world’s climate is changing? Many human activities like driving cars, running factories, and generating energy release gases into our atmosphere. Because these gases trap heat from the sun close to the earth, this is causing our planet to warm!

The effects are already visible and will be catastrophic unless we act now. Through education, dedication and and making lifestyle changes, we can make the changes to protect the planet.

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Science week G5

Colour Changing Milk Experiment

IMG_9915  IMG_9918 IMG_9923 IMG_9920

Milk is mainly made of water and the other big ingredient is usually fat (not all milk has the same amount of fat). The dish soap bonds with the fat in the milk. This bond is so strong that the water and food colouring are pushed out. The swirling effect is everything else moving around to make room for the dish soap and fat bond.


Making a Paper Clip Float on Water.

IMG_9924 IMG_9925

It’s true, paperclips cannot float, but they can appear to float when suspended on the surface tension of water. Surface tension is like a “skin” on the surface of the water where water molecules bond together. With a steady hand, you can get a paperclip to suspend itself on the surface of the water.

Halloween Quiz

A huge thank you to all families who turned out in such numbers to support our first family Halloween Quiz. We  hope that you enjoyed the event as much as we enjoyed hosting it. Many hours of hard work and preparation went in to making the event a success from Ms Horan and the organising committee to the Parents Association,Student Council and all staff gave so generously of their free time.

The Halloween Quiz was a wonderful fun way to celebrate the end of the first half term of the school year. Enjoy the mid term break, have a happy, fun and most importantly safe holiday and I look forward to  to seeing everybody back on the 5th of November ready to get back to work.
S. Bradley
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