Ozobot Workshop

R6 attended an Ozobot workshop in Drogheda library as part of Science Week. They created patterns using coloured markers and made a map for their Ozobot to follow. It was great fun.


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We are a KiVa School

We held our KiVa launch day on 15.10.19

We performed a rap called ‘Unique’ and decorated love hearts with the following message on them:


“Before you speak,

Think and be smart.

It’s hard to fix

a wrinkled heart.”

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Climate Change March

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The Green Schools’ Committee attended a Climate Change march at St Peter’s Church in West Street on September 20th.  They were joining with children around the world in one of the largest global climate protests in history.

The protest is their way of demanding politicians and businesses to take drastic action to stop global warming. Scientists warn it will lead to an environmental catastrophe.

Students in St Joseph’s and all around the world want to stop the damage that is being done to their future.

Green Flag Raising

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Our flag raising took place on 18th June. Afterwards the committee went to Scholars Townhouse for lunch as a reward for all their hard work over the past 2 years.

We say goodbye and thank you to our wonderful 6th Class members and wish them every happiness in secondary school.

6th Green Flag


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On 23rd May Tom and Jamie from the Green Schools’ Committee, along with Ms Gregory and Mrs Berrill, received our 6th Green Flag. The awards ceremony was held in the City North hotel.