G5’s Science Fair

G5 recently held a Science fair where parents, students and teachers were able to come to our classroom and see our science experiments. We had to choose a science experiment to carry out both at home and in school. We chose lots of different topics like  tornadoes, quicksand, volcanoes and floating eggs! We had a fantastic time. We hope you enjoy our photos of the day.

G5’s Eggsperiment :)

Looking after our eggs in G5

 Last Monday, all of the students in G5 were given the task of loking after an egg. This was an exciting way for the boys to learn about the idea of friendship and how to look after things carefully. The boys were told not to leave the eggs out of their sight; if they had to, they had to find a minder to look after it for them. Lots of the boys’ eggs lasted until Friday but unfortunately we had a few cracks along the way!!! Here are some photos of the boys’ egg-straordinary work 🙂

IMG_2881 IMG_2880 IMG_2899 IMG_2898 IMG_2897 IMG_2896 IMG_2895 IMG_2893 IMG_2892 IMG_2891 IMG_2890 IMG_2888 IMG_2886 IMG_2885 IMG_2884 IMG_2883 IMG_2882 IMG_2900