Team Hope Shoebox

Team Hope

Dear Parents,

I can’t thank you all enough for your kindness and support with the Team Hope Shoebox Appeal. We collected 165 shoeboxes, which I think is an amazing achievement. Each box was carefully put together with thoughtful toys, scarfs, hats, gloves and sweets.


IMG_8711 (1)

Parents, the boys were proud to be doing something so nice and kind. I believe it is a lovely opportunity to show the boys how we can all help.

Thank you again,

Annette Horan

Drogheda Moves

The committee

Drogheda Moves!!!

St. Joseph’s CBS successfully completed the Drogheda Moves program. Our last stop was New York before we reached Ireland.


The Drogheda Moves school committee were excellent and played an essential role in the program’s success.

Well Done.

Annette Horan

HSCL Classes for January 2017

To Parents and Grandparents:

We value parental involvement in St.Joseph’s CBS. We believe an active learning parent is an active learning child. Therefore, we support your learning so that you can support your child’s learning.

Here is a list of classes being run in January:

1. Operation Transformation

2. Yoga and Well-being for Parents

3. I.T. Skills: QQI Award: Level 4

4. Parent-Child Science Class

5. English language classes

###This list will be updated in January


Team Hope/ Shoebox Appeal: St. Joseph’s CBS

The Shoebox Appeal: 2016

The Shoebox Appeal gives a gift to children who are the victims of war, disease and poverty. Then the shoebox gift arrives. It brings hope, laughter and smiles.

This is St. Joseph’s CBS second year supporting the Shoebox Appeal. The boys and staff of St.Joseph’s CBS have made an outstanding contribution to the Team Hope Shoebox Appeal Christmas 2016. They have presented a total of 142 Christmas shoebox gifts for boys and girls from age 2-14. The boys have taken real pride in preparing their boxes with lovely toys, health care products and pictures of themselves.

The staff of St. Joseph’s CBS Primary are very proud of the boys and their families for their incredible generosity. Thank you!!!image

Parent-Child Classes: HSCL

Parent-Child Classes:

In St.Joseph’s CBS we value parental involvement in your child’s education. We believe the most important educator in a child’s life is their parent. That is why we run Parent-Child Classes.

We have run the following classes since the beginning of September 2016:

1. Guitar Class

2. Science Class

3. Read to Succeed Class

image image image

Guitar Class with Mr. Mulroy!!!


Parents’ Yoga Class: HSCL

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Parents and Grandparents Yoga, Health and Well Being Class!!! 

It is important to take a little time out, relax and think about the importance of healthy eating and gentle exercise.

Parents and grandparents took part in this class and they all really enjoyed it.

This class will resume for four weeks on the 12th of January from the 9.30-11.00.

Parents and Grandparents are welcome!!!!!!


Read to Succeed: HSCL

Ms. Marry’s class took part in a parent-child reading class. They met over four  Tuesdays and read the Hundred Mile an Hour Dog by Jeremy Strong. Many thanks to all of the parents who supported this project. Reading is the cornerstone of school success.

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Drogheda Moves: HSCL

St.Josephs Walks the World!!!

St.Josephs Walks the World!!!












Drogheda Moves!!!!
It is a local initiative to encourage our community to support a healthy mind and body by being more active in their daily lives.
The first part of the initiative is Drogheda Walks the World!!
All the schools in our community are taking part. Each day one of the boys wears a pedometer, which tracks his steps in one day. We then convert this into Kilometers. Then we multiply this number by the number of boys in the class. The final step is to see how far we have travelled.
This project has been running for three weeks in St. Joseph’s CBS.
Week 1: Belarus, near Russia
Week 2: Hangzhu, China
Week 3: Hawaii, USA.
The boys of St.Joseph’s CBS have been amazingly supportive of this project. I will let you all know if we make it around the world.

HSCL: Annette Horan 087 0904080

I am the HSCL Officer for St. Joseph’s CBS. My job is about bringing parents closer to their child’s education. It is about providing a link between home and school. It is about offering parents opportunities to take part in learning initiatives in the classroom. It is about visiting parents in their homes and developing links with the community. It is about ensuring good links with the community.