Procedure Writing/Pancake Tuesday

In the run up to Pancake Tuesday the boys in G5 learned how to make healthy pancakes, using only 2 ingredients!!

This allowed the class to practice and perfect their skills on their current topic in English, which is Procedure Writing.

I’m sure they’ll teach you how to make this delicious and nutritious snack!! 918DA2B2-CEB7-46FC-AC4C-BF4CB235FD3E 2153AC32-4D38-4B10-ABBC-EDBB7BF1830B

R3 Valentine’s Day

R3 went on a trip to the post office recently to post their very own, handmade Valentine Cards to their Valentines ..


IMG_5747               IMG_5748




IMG_5752       IMG_5753








The Garden Centre

The theme for Aistear this month was the garden centre.  We had some very eager gardeners in the class, visiting the garden centre to buy pots and seeds and then planting them at the potting station.

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At the construction table, the boys were busy making their own garden centres.

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While at the play dough table, the boys were creating flowers, fences, hoses and many more objects that you would buy in a garden centre.

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At the role play section, the garden centre’s most popular purchase was the lawnmower.


St Joseph’s C.B.S. Election 2020

WE’RE INTO THE final few days of campaigning ahead of the St. Josephs C.B.S. general election polling day, on Wednesday, and a recent opinion poll conducted by G5 suggest it is still all to play for with a number of pupils still undecided. 

G5 have been learning about ‘Representing and Interpreting Data’ in maths this month. The election gave the boys the perfect opportunity to put what the have learned into practice.

Election Pie chart