Multi Cultural Day

On the 14th of June,the fifth classes had a Multi Cultural Day. Lots of boys brought foods from different countries such as Ireland,India,Poland,Nigeria,Spain,Croatia,Trinidad and Tobago,Pakistan and China. R6 had India,Ireland,Croatia and Trinidad and Tobago. R7 gave us a presentation from Spain. They told us a few facts about Spain like a famous sport called Bull Fighting and that Spain is a country that has no words in its national anthem. R8 represented Poland,China and Pakistan. They had a few Chinese and Polish games aswell as quizzes.

On Monday 18th June Mrs Horan hosted a Multi Cultural event for parents. Each parent brought food to represent their home country.

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5th Class celebrate Multicultural Day

5th Class held their Multicultural Day on 14th June.

They had displays from Ireland, India, Poland, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Croatia, Trinidad and Tobago and Spain.

The boys brought in food, clothes and flags from each of the countries and shared information about their countries with their classmates.

There was a presentation all about Spain.

A great day was had by everybody.

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Grass Heads


This Green School project is so simple and it provides exciting results in about a week. G4 loved watching their grasshead sprout hair and keep growing. When it’s really long, they can trim it like a barber.

The children used plastic cups and planted grass seeds in compost  in order to grow their Grass Heads. They added some odd facial features to finish them off!

IMG_7590 IMG_7591 IMG_7591 IMG_7592 IMG_7593 IMG_7647 IMG_7648 IMG_7707

Viking Visit

Fourth Class were visited by a Viking who taught them all about how and when the Vikings first came to Ireland.

They learned about how the Vikings and the Irish natives lived back then, as well as getting to see and use some genuine Viking artefacts.


R12 Mountain Trip

R12 climbed up the highest mountain in Louth, Sliabh Foy with two experienced mountain climbers. It was very tiring but we enjoyed it.

By: Modestas and Haider R12

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We were on the ipads doing a web quest, researching the animals in the rainforest. The roof of the rainforest is called a canopy. We made a wall frieze. By Cian Corduff Johnson and Callum James Judge.

IMG_3049 IMG_3048 IMG_3047 IMG_2969 IMG_2970 IMG_2971


Edmund Rice Ceremony

We went down to the hall to learn about Edmund Rice. Edmund Rice is called ‘Blessed Edmund Rice’ because he is one step away from being a saint. It was very interesting to learn about this good man. By Peter and Warren.

IMG_2903 IMG_2902