On Tuesday, we got chalk and we drew hopscotch on the ground. We put a rubber on number one and we had to jump over it. When we were done with number one, we could go to number two. This kept going until were done with number ten and we had a lots of fun. By Igor and Maksim.

IMG_3040 IMG_3039 IMG_3038


We did a lot of experiments in our class about aeroplanes. On Wednesday we made paper aeroplanes. It was fun making paper aeroplanes. But it was really hard. By Leighton Dunne and Alex Lisewski .

IMG_3029 IMG_3033 IMG_3034

Green Schools’ trip to Recycling Centre

The boys in the Green School Committee have been very busy over the last couple of weeks.

They visited the Drogheda Recycling Centre on Tuesday where they were given a tour of the centre. They also got to go on the bus covered entirely in recycled cans!

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Spring Clean Day

The annual Spring Clean Day in Joseph’s was held on 18th May.

Each class took the opportunity for a good clear out!

The bags of rubbish were kindly collected by Louth County Council.

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WoW Day

The Green Schools’ Committee hosted their annual WoW (Walk on Wednesday) Day on 16th May. Most of the school community joined them in walking, cycling, scooting or park n’ striding on the day.

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Tidy Towns Clean up

The Green Schools’ Committee took part in a Tidy Towns clean-up in the local area. They went down as far as Centra, Hardman’s Gardens, Parkview and Magdalene Tower. The weather on the day was just perfect. Louth County Council took all the bags of rubbish away.

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