G2 have been chosen to take part in a bookclub with our local library. The boys are super excited to get started. The book is ‘Making Millions’ by Erika McGann. We read ‘The Clubhouse Mystery’ as our daily read aloud earlier in the year. We can’t wait to find out what Cass and the Bubble Street gang have been up to.

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Meet and Greet with Erika McGann

The boys in G2 were so lucky to be chosen with two other schools to visit the library in Drogheda and meet Erika McGann. She told us that she loved to write as a child and how reading books helps with her writing. She talked about her new book ‘Making Millions’ and the book that came before that ‘The Clubhouse Mystery’. She also played games with them.

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Bridge Making

G2 are learning about bridges in Science with Ms. Reape. They looked at the famous bridges first and then were asked to design and make their own using matchsticks and marshmallows. We definitely have some future engineers in G2! It was great fun.

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Chickpea Curry

Before the Easter break G2 made chickpea curry and some porridge bread. Everybody tasted both dishes and there was very little food left at the end of the day!

School Garden

Our Native Irish garden is in full bloom for spring!

Below are some pictures of the Pyrocanthia, Honeysuckle, Sage, Daffodils, Tulips and Primroses.

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