R10 Look At WW1

We are learning about WW1! We learned that it used to be called The Great War. We used the surface tablets to learn about it. Also we learned about the Red Baron, the Lusitania and U boats.

By Cian Mc R10

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R7 Survey Sheets

Earlier this week, boys from R7 went to all of the other classes in the school. They went around with surveys to see their opinions about our product, Balloon Buddies. They also gave out our prototypes of the Balloon Buddies. As far as we know the surveys went really well.

By Prince and Caomhín R7


This week we played spikeball in PE. Spikeball is a type of volleyball. There are two teams with six on each team. The aim of the game is to get as many points as you can. We had lots of fun.

by Finn and David G4