Eggheads in R6 – The importance of a bicycle helmet

R6 had a bicycle safety workshop with Sorcha Brophy from Green Schools’ Ireland.

They learned how to carry out a maintenance check on their bikes and how to fit a helmet correctly.

They also got to take part in the egg test, where an egg is thrown from different heights to show the importance of wearing a helmet at all times when on your bike! The egg was damaged even at the lowest height. Your head is more precious than an egg but just as delicate!


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Coding Breakthrough in G2

The boys in G2 have been busy coding over the past couple of weeks. They work in teams of two on the i pads every Thursday. One team broke through procedures level five, however, a lot of other teams were having difficulty. After a couple of weeks of trying to figure it out, I asked Filip and Joshua to help the other boys crack the code. Watch the student being the teacher! 🙂


R7 J.E.P. – Step 2: Pitching to the Dragons!

On November 24th, 2017, R7 completed Step 2 of the J.E.P. – pitching our 4 ideas to the 3 ‘dragons’. The 4 ideas we came up with were Vizzy Vests, Slime Zone, Random T-shirts and Balloon Buddies. The 3 dragons were Mr. Clayton, Ms. Kennedy and Alex Reilly. The winning pitch that the dragons picked were the

Balloon Buddies.





Prince & CaomhĂ­n


Green School Committee 2017-18

This is the Green Schools’ Committee beginning their work on the school’s 6th Green Flag for Global Citizenship Litter and Waste.

They have regular lunchtime meetings, do litter warden duties and are involved in maintaining all of our other 5 Green Flags.