World Science Day In R6

On the 11/11/2015 only R6 out of the whole school went to the local library.


Red cabbage sauce.


Christine showing us what to do.


R6 hard at work.


Detectives hard at work.

20151111_134148 (1)

Magic powder


Scissors , paper , and pencils


Daragh’s notebook.


More note books.


Even more notebooks.

20151111_134148 (1)

More magic powder.

R6 had one of the most fun days of the year.

Wilderness by Roddy Doyle

R6 are enjoying reading ‘Wilderness’ by Roddy Doyle. It takes place in Northern Finland surrounded by forests and snow. The main characters Johnny and Tom meet Rock the husky and his friends as they pull the sleds for the guests. The boys got to meet a real life husky called Bow who visited the school.

20151113_135327 20151113_135333 20151113_135402

For Art we used chalk to recreate the huskies!

20151113_145806 20151113_145753 20151113_145836


VOLCANOES!!!!! – Science Week in G2

The boys in G2 are taking part in Science Week.  Making volcanoes is really fun. First, we made playdough in class using flour, brown paint, oil, water and salt. Then we put a film canister into each piece of playdough.  We went outside because it was going to be really messy. We put baking powder, red food colouring, washing-up liquid and vinegar into the film canister and quickly put on the lid. We had to move back as fast as we could and then we watched the volcano erupt. We watch as the liquid came out. It was red and foamy. We made four volcanoes so we had four explosions. We are looking forward to our next Science Week activity.

Team Hope Shoebox Appeal

The Shoebox Appeal gives a gift to children who are the victims of war, disease and poverty. Living on the fringe of society, in some of the poorest countries in the world. Christmas is just another day, no presents or turkey.

Then the shoebox gift arrives. It brings hope, laughter and smiles.


The boys and staff of St.Joseph’s CBS have made an outstanding contribution to the Team Hope Shoebox Appeal Christmas 2015. They have presented a total of 95 Christmas shoebox gifts for boys and girls from age 2-14. The boys have taken such pride in preparing their boxes with lovely toys and pictures of themselves.


The staff of St.Joseph’s CBS Primary are very proud of the boys and their families for their incredible generosity.


20151106_094152 20151106_113510 20151106_123836