Paper Helicopters in G2

G2 had great fun making paper helicopters in Science.  We observed our spinners carefully and carried out some investigations by adding a weight, comparing different sizes and changing the direction that they were spinning in.

image image image image image

Fun at P.E. in R8

Today we had rugby coaching for P.E. and our class played tag rugby it was so fun. First of all, we had our morning warm-up  in inform of different types of exercise, like jogging our four laps and doing burpees. Ben, the rugby coach, taught us how to drop kick the ball and how to do a pop pass. Afterwards, we started the tag rugby and it was the red tag team vs the blue team and the blue team won. We all had fun.

R6 Art

R6 drawing old famous buildings which we were researching during History.


Tadhg,Reece and James.


Half the class working.


Jamie, Conor, Ethan, Daragh and Lennon drawing.


The whole class working.


Oliver and Jamie Faherty hard at work.



G2’s Traffic Survey

We counted all the traffic driving by the front of the school today for 10 minutes.  There were so many vehicles we could only count the vehicles that drove right in front of the school.  We counted 58 cars and jeeps, 8 vans, 1 bus and 1 truck.

image image image

St. Joseph’s CBS – Active School

A VERY POSITIVE BEGINNING TO AN ACTIVE SCHOOL CAMPAIGN! Already our pupils are off to a flying start. There was a great sense of whole school enthusiasm for our running trials in the Boyne Rovers pitch as all classes participated on September 3rd when the weather proved very favourable. Well done to the helper pupils from R10 under the guidance of Mr. Mulroy in very effective organisation of the event.

The 45 runners selected from the trials did the school proud this Wednesday as they competed in the Louth Sports Partnership running event for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils. Well done to all competitors!

St. Joseph’s CBS Gaelic football squad have also had a very promising start to the season with good training sessions on Thursdays and a successful kick off to the campaign with a narrow victory over Ardee who always prove to be very difficult opposition. Tús maith leath na hoibre.